5 Things to Do With Canines

puppyRespect its territory: Prevent it from going into certain rooms, starting with the most important ones of the of the house like the bedroom.Even in a safe room, some furniture such as a sofa can be forbidden to the pets.

For consistency purposes, do not change your rules from one day to the next and ask that everyone remember to implement them.

Find a corner for him: Once you have a quiet place to put his bed or house – from where he can not constantly watch your comings and goings – do not change this. Send him back to sleep in this place to sleep or when you want to be alone with your family or friends.

This will prevent him from constantly jumping on them and annoying them. Teach your children to respect pets when they are in their place: no one should disturb them.

Be regular in your meals: Adult needs one or two meals a day. It should be served after all the family has already eaten. Leave the bowl for at least half an hour before storing it.

Do not give any food at the table, otherwise, you risk making your pet a beggar and a thief. Finally, do not stay to watch him eat, but go do other stuff.

Take it out every day on a walk: If you do not have the opportunity to go outside on a daily basis, you may pay for it through damage in the garden and damage to the house. Outside, keep him under control, even if he is to be taken out at the start until he obeys the orders.

Indeed, the dog has a predator instinct, his instinct can push him to run after everything that moves: cars, dogs, cats … which puts him at risk of creating an accident. If he tries to get away, say “no” and give a dry jerk on his leash to bring him back to you.

Stop undesirable behaviors: To teach your dog to lie down, for example, say “lie down” when he lies down and praise him warmly as if he has accomplished a great feat. Same to teach him to sit or come back to you.

For barking, you can modulate: for example, if he barks after a bird in the garden, say “no” and send him to his house. But if he barks because someone is ringing at home, praise him.

Training your dogs with these simple tips and tricks will be fun. Your dog will understand that his role is to give notice, but that once you have taken over, he can stop barking.