Training Your Dog: Tips and Tricks

Training your dog, it seems a complicated task. But, educating your dog is not that difficult, even if you are a novice in the matter.

There’s no need to make your dog a circus animal: a good education will make you and your furry friend even happier and strengthen the relationship.

Maintain your authority over your dog

training your dogYou must be the dominant one! Here is one of the basic rules for canine obedience. If he does not respect you, your dog will not listen to you.

To do this, you do not need to be very firm.

Going in front of your dog when you leave a room, eating before him or pushing him away from time to time when he is being naughty are all little tricks that will make your companion understand that you are the leader, not him.

Make your dog obey before teaching your dog to respond to your orders, you will definitely have the opportunity to take him out for walks. This is a good opportunity to make you respect and teach good leash obedience habits.

Your pup should always walk by your side. It’s out of the question that he ever pulls on the leash to go faster! To accustom him not to get ahead of himself, pull by little tugs on the leash if he advances too fast. For your safety, your dog must understand you and obey all your orders.

Once again, no need to be hard on him.

Choose simple orders such as “sit”, “stay” etc. To educate the dog, it is essential to show him what you expect of him regularly and to do this, with enthusiasm.

If you want him to sit down, give him the order and then press his back train so that he runs. Repeat the exercise several times but spare the dog, especially if he is still a younger puppy.

Do not be stingy with rewards. For your dog to understand that it has done well, stroke it or praise it regularly.

Scolding your dog

As a master, you must learn to scold your dog. This must be rare, done wisely and always without getting violent or anything. Indeed, a dog will not understand what it did wrong if you hit it or scream.

On the contrary, he will become scared of you.

Maybe you come home one day and your canine has destroyed his escape proof type of dog crate.  It may be tempting to scream at him but he most likely won’t understand. When he makes a mistake, just say firmly “No”.

For a puppy, you can at the same time lift it lightly through the skin of the neck.
Remember that training your dog requires a lot of patience and understanding from its master.

Dogs all have a very different character, some will be more receptive than others to obedience training.
If you are having trouble listening to your animal, do not hesitate to call a behaviorist or a canine trainer.